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Where It all Began
In the bustling city of Boston Massachussetts, The Bruno Name was synonomous with show business and restaraunt music. The Bruno Music business, headed up by Maestro Tony Bruno was a dominant force in supper clubs and night clubs, theaters and arenas in the Boston area from the 1920's until the 1980's. The Bruno Family music business branched out to Tonys sons, Joe Bruno Sr. who was the band leader at one of Bostons most famous restaraunts "the Parker House" in the 1960's and 70's and Tony Bruno Jr.
Tony Bruno Jr. is currently involved in the New England area music scene.
Joe Bruno Sr. and son Joe Bruno Jr. aka "The Bruno Connection have been providing music performance and contracting services to the West coast of Florida since 1980 After moving to Tampa, Fl. from Las Vegas after a three year engagement as orchestra leader for singing star Steve Rossi, Joe Bruno Sr. decided to bring a mixture of Vegas and Boston to the West coast of Florida where he has been contracting and performing since. 
Our Track Record
Boston area theaters and restaraunts including:
  • Orpheum
  • E.M. Loews
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