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Joe Bruno Sr. - Trumpet

Joe Bruno Sr. has a career that goes back to 1940 playing trumpet as a kid in his dads' band. Since then he has been

a band leader at the famous Parker House Hotel in the 60's and 70's before moving to Florida. Joe went to Las Vegas

in 1979 and was the band leader at the 20th Century an Holiday International Hotels until a musicians strike ended

he and wife Mille back in Florida.

Joe played internationally with the Garden avenue Seven after Vegas until moving to Sarasota where he had been playing and co leading with Jerry Jerome. Joe Sr incorporated as the bruno connection and contracted all of the

dates for Jerry Jerome in Fl as well as New York. Joe Sr and Joe Jr. decided to put together a concert, festval level Dixieland band and would name it "Joe Bruno's Dixieland Hotdogs. The Hotdogs soon became a favorite of thousands from clearwater south as the only band with the courage to take requests from any size audience. To this day,

Joe can perform thousands of requests without any help from a piece of music.

Joe has 3 brothers who all particitpae in the music business. Joe's 3 Brothers were Rocco, who was a bassist and

school band director, Tony Bruno Jr. is a Drummer and band leader, and Charles Bruno plays

when ever there is a calling.

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