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Hot Dogs at The "Irish Rover" New Orleans Jazz

Starting in January 2011

Experiene music from the early twentieth Century by one the most experienced Dixieland Bands in this part

of the country. We do requests as well as all of the old time favorites:

Joe Bruno's Dixieland Hotdogs began it's existence in 1991 with regular Sunday performances at Pop's Tropi-grille(now Sunset Grille) in Nokomis, Fl. where the band would call home until it drew too many fans for the size of the septic system. (True Story)

After that unsettling event, The Hotdogs started performing publicly at area concerts and festivals sharing their unusual method of taking requests from the audience unlike other polished bands who perform with a set list of rehearsed songs. The Hotdogs drew crowds so large at the Gazebo in downtown Venice, Fl.,(the largest of any group performing there) that the association of businesses in the area banished them to a more out of the way place where the gropups did not draw crowds big enough to pass the hat and recieve a fair shake.

Well, thanks to the economy, the hot dogs are going to try it again. This time in Sarasota's happiest Irish Pub called "The Irish Rover". The capacity of the Rover (Hooked up to the county sewer) is limited. parties of 8 or more should make reservations. Mardi Gras dinner and drink Specials. There is a five dollar admission fee which goes to the band and our "Tips for Tunes" bucket for requests. 

Stay Tuned for Details

"Thank You For Supporting Live Musicians"

Joe Bruno Sr- Trumpet - Leader, the son of legendary New England area band leader Tony Bruno, started touring the US in the late the 1970's as a band leader in Las Vegas for 3 years and was featured in many jazz festivals across the US, South America and on the ocean. He has been playing in the Sarasota area since 1980, Joe Sr. has been a professional musician for seventy years and is playing stronger than ever!

Joe Bruno Jr. Bassist - - has been playing Dixieland with his dad and grandad since he was in his teens and has a

passion for preserving one of Americas earliest forms of jazz. Recently carrying the family torch on the road,

Joe Jr. spent a few years on tour with his family as a member along with wife Christine Allen-Bruno in the band for "Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Geatest Show on Earth and currently performs regularly with the

Bruno Connection and the Band Eclipse.

Nick Bruno - Drums (17) has been playing with the Hot Dogs since he was 8 and eventually replaced his mentor

Jazz legend-Eddie Graham when he was 12. With the help of his dad, grandfather, trombonist- Greg Neilsen,

drummers Lenny Balistreri, Rich MacDonald, Bruce Laman and James Varnado, Nick has developed into a multi-instrumentalist. Nick played trumpet in the greatest Show on Earth in the final act while mom and dad were up on

the band stand for 658 shows. After getting back to Sarasota ,Nick would become an original member and drummer

along side Rodney Roques in the well known Jazz Juvenocracy. He is currenly a Junior at Riverview High School and

Plays snare in the drum-line, tuba and euphonium in the band, Drums, trombone and bass trombone in the jazz band.

Buster B.C. Coles - Guitar/ Banjo/ vocals wears many hats(literally) and has been performing professionally as a guitarist, Bassist, Tuba, since he before he was a teen. Graduating from college at West Virginia, Buster would ultimatelly become a bassist with the area symphony and played guitar and banjo on the side. After playing around

town and on the road with various well known and lesser known artists for several years, Buster was asked to

perform in the mid eighties as guitarist for the legendary Ray Charles were he stayed for more than three years

until be warmly welcomed to join the legendary Bo Diddley. Buster would perform for several weeks with

Jazz legend, Branford Marsallis before he was given a call in 1990 to come to paradise(Sarasota) and perform with

the Band Eclipse which he is now leader and has been performing in downtown Sarasota at the City Grille for the

past 6 years.ce the music from the golden age of the 20th

Paul Duffy - Soprano Sax - Vocals - Guitar

Paul Duffy was born into a family of performers travelling with Duffy's International Circus. By the age of nine,

he was walking the tightrope while playing the saxaphone. At seventeen, he left the circus to join the very

popular Irish showband, "The Miami". After reciving numerous accolades, he formed his own band with several of his siblings and toured internationally. During this tour, he had the opportunity to play with Ben E. King, Robert Plant

and Jimmy Page. The Success of his own band led him to be noticed by the wildy popular internationally acclaimed

and motion picture portrayed band, "The Commitments". Paul toured with the commitments for six years.

Since then, Paul has performed with Suzi Quatro on her television show in Europe and can be heard on albums by

Chris DeBurgh, Paul Brady and Hazel O' Conner as well as the major motion picture soundtrack of "Eat the Peach".

More recently, Paul played on "the Corrs" CD "In Blue". Pauls songwriting talent earned him second place in

Europe's very prestigious "Eurovision Songwriters Competition" with a viewing audience of over Twenty Million.

Paul's Compositions can be heard regularly in commercials including Guiness, Heineken, Ford Motors and Castrol Motoroil. Paul now lives in Sarasota with his beautiful wife and daughter and is the owner of the wildly popular

"Irish Rover Pub". One of Sarasota's best live music venues.

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