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Recent Research has shown that

"Live Musicians and their Families

Across the Country

Need Your Support"



Restaraunts across the US are being squeezed by the economy. The cost of operating a restaraunt

from the years 1990 until 2011

have multiplied along with what it costs to dine and drink there. The amount of compensation that a

bartender gets for tipping a bottle or a glass went up with the price of the drinks they were pouring.

The amount of compensation that a waiter or waitress also went up along with the price of the meals

they carry to the table.

The wages paid by the restaraunt owner to their service staff are minimal when compared to the actual

compensation recieved by the service staff. The traditional pay for a band in 1990 was $350 to $500 per night

for a 4 piece group. The sales revenue needed to generate sufficient gross profit necessary to pay the band was

between 25% and 40% of what is needed today to generate the same gross profit.

The end result is that in 2010, a restaraunt can not afford to pay a band and generate a sufficient business profit.

The Bruno Connection has spent a good part of the past 100 years collecting wages near the top end of the scale.

Today we feel that it is time to turn the page on the way thing used to be and innovate a new way to get

a fair compensation for the valuable service we provide to the public.

  • If you are a musician and feel that placing a tip receptacle in front of the band is begging, The IRS does not tax people who beg on the street corner for a living! IRS Form 1040, line 7 states:
  • Wages, salaries, tips, etc.
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